What We Do

Provide access to early childhood education

The PAUD SuryaKasih project is a holistic approach to early childhood development. By building schools in areas without access to PAUD ReachOut Foundation is actively investing in future generations by helping them get a head start on their future.

Provide nutritional support to the undernourished

As part of the holistic approach to early childhood development, ReachOut Foundation provides support to our students in the form of nutritional snacks and vitamins.

Providing assistance to victims of natural disaster

In years past, Indonesia has experienced a series of natural disasters that have disrupted the lives and livelihoods of those affected. ReachOut Foundation aims to provide first and secondary response to these victims and help them address issues that arise even after the disaster has passed.

Promote social harmony throughout Indonesia

Indonesia is a diverse nation with a diverse population. Our aim, through all of the work we do, is to facilitate unity and solidarity despite differences of cultural, educational and religious backgrounds.

News & Events

    2016 PAUD SuryaKasih Graduation Ceremony

    ReachOut Foundation recently held graduation at its PAUD SuryaKasih schools for students who have completed the second year of kindergarten. A total of 141 students graduated, representing all seven PAUD SuryaKasih schools, wh... Read More

    Official Opening of PAUD Tipar Cakung

    ReachOut Foundation held an official opening ceremony for its sixth PAUD SuryaKasih school on January 28, 2016. The ceremony was held on site at Rusun Griya Tipar Cakung. Ibu Veronica Tjahaja Purnama, head of the Jakarta's Family ... Read More

    New PAUD SuryaKasih at Rusun Daan Mogot

    On June 16, 2015 representatives from various CSR programs signed an MOU with the head of the Jakarta's Family Welfare Development (PKK), Ibu Veronica Tjahaja Purnama, which paved the way for development programs for the families ... Read More


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Our Partners

ReachOut Foundation welcomes collaborations with individuals and organizations that share a similar passion for providing education and opportunities to those in need.
We are currently partnered with the following organizations.


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