After being lunched in 2019, #BantuSekolahYuk helped 2 schools already. September 2019, two early childhood education schools; PAUD Mawar and PAUD Kencana became the beneficiaries of the flagship program that Reachout Foundations Initiated in 2019. Both schools are located in Cawang, Jakarta. Reachout Foundation cooperates with Hand In Hand to aid them.  

#BantuSekolahYuk has rehabilitated the buildings, that schools became tidier, healthier and more beautiful. It recharges the energy and spirit for children.

PAUD Kencana Before being Touched Up by #BantuSekolahYuk

“The students are happier, they have stronger will and spirit to come to school, even some parents told us that students initiation to come to school is stronger now”. Said Alberthin Pattihawean the principle of Paud Kencana Cawang.

PAUD Kencana After being Touched Up by #BantuSekolahYuk

Not only rehabilitated the building #BantuSekolahYuk also provided children education tools, means of education and trained the teachers also.

“Teachers become more confident in leading the students, since #BantuSekolahYuk program trained our teachers”. Claimed Alberthin.

In one accord with PAUD Kencana, Elli Suprihatini the principal of Paud Mawar said that #BantuSekolahYuk aided the teachers to be more skillful in teaching, however they also be more confident in handling the parents. “Thank to #BantuSekolahYuk, our teachers now are trained well and be more able to handle the students and be more confident to communicate with parents”. Explained Eli.  

PAUD Mawar before being touched up by #BantuSekolahYuk

#BantuSekolahYuk is program created by Reachout Foundation Program to help existing PAUD schools improve the quality of education  by providing existing schools with fresh materials, structured curriculum and access to teacher training our goal is improve the overall landscape of early childhood education in Indonesia.

PAUD Mawar after being touched up by #BantuSekolahYuk

#BantuSekolahYuk walks along with government in the process of finding the beneficiaries and also develop teacher.

The program identifies schools across the city that covered our set criteria, renovate their existing schools, donate new teaching material, and improve both the quality of the teachers and the curriculum.

The hashtag of #BantuSekolahYuk is our way of creating awareness in order to get as many help we can get to ensure this program is running effectively and may grow into a nationwide movement. It also an invitation for company, individual and organization who are willing to contribute to shape the future generation of Indonesia.

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