Zilingo, ReachOut Foundation (ROF) and Benihbaik.com through “Kado Spesial Lebaran Zilingo” (Ied Fitri Festival Special Gift) Program distributed Clothes and Accessories to families live in poverty in 8 Flat Houses in Jakarta, Jayapura and Abepura Papua.

Joyful Expression After Receiving Clothes and Accessories from Zilingo

11.410  items in the form of Watches, Bedding Flat shoes, and clothing are distributed to 3000 families under ROF’s network. Mostly the families came from the parents of students on Early Childhood Education Centres (PAUD) SuryaKasih  and people from surrounded the schools.

ROF Manages 10 Paud in Jakarta and 2 in Papua. The Schools are for the families live in poverty.

Beneficiaries of Kado Special Lebaran Zilingo in Jakarta

The gift from Zilingo means a lot for the beneficiaries, since this pandemic they thought more about the basic food needs instead of the clothing even in on Holiday Festival. Providing them with clothing created happiness on their special days.

“It’s huge “rizqi” (blessing) from God, my child has new watch, I got shoes, and my husband got clothes, we never thought before we have clothes for Ied Fitri in the middle of this pandemic, thank you Zilingo and ROF”. A beneficiary from Cakung said.

Distribution Kado Lebaran Special Zilingo in Papua

Zilingo via www.zilingoshopping.id is a prominent e-commerce  (market place) in Indonesia sells high quality clothing and accessories.

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