1200 pair of shoes distributed already in 3 Regencies

Reachout Foundation (ROF) visited Lanny Jaya and Wamena in 2016 and noticed that children walked to school without shoes (Bare footers). In the meantime the geographical and land contour is hilly, stony and bumpy. It caused many wounds of the children and makes them skip classes.

While health is important factor of education process. Therefore ROF initiates 10K Pair of Shoes for Papua Children.  Reachout as well invites everyone to contribute.

By the end of 2019, ROF in cooperation with Yayasan Indonesia Sejahtera Barokah, collected 1200 pair of shoes to be donated to indigenous Papua Children.  On December 2019 the shoes were distributed to 10 districts in 3 regencies (Jayapura, Lanny Jaya and Wamena).

Judith Soeryadjaya, Founder of ROF believes that Indigenous Papua children in Lanny Jaya and Wamena need critically shoes, since they go to school barefooted everyday.  “When I was there, I in firsthand, witnessed how they go school shoeless, barefooted. By providing shoes it will enhance the healthiness of the children there, that they may enjoy the process of education there”. Judith said. 

In the mean time, Head of Subdivision of  Lanny Jaya Early Childhood Education, Kendy Wanimbo claimed that there are more than 10.000 children, on early and basic education students ages in Lanny Jaya while in Wamena there are more than 4500 students and roughly 90 percent of them are shoeless. “By giving them shoes, it will stimulate children’s willingness and spirit to go school, we appreciate of ROF’s efforts to make it comes true”. Kendy said.

ROF targets by the end of 2020 there will be 10.000 pair of shoes are provided for Indigenous children of Papua, therefore ROF opens for partnership and donors to contribute.

Article can be seen on: https://m.tribunnews.com/nasional/2019/12/20/reachout-foundation-salurkan-donasi-sepatu-untuk-anak-anak-papua



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